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It's Fishy in Hyderabad!

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” But here's a treatment that will literally take your breath away! 

For those who find it difficult to breathe due to allergens such as pollens in the air or suffer from asthma, the Bathini family in Hyderabad comes as the last resort! The cure is 'fish prasadam' which they claim is an ancestral remedy prepared by them and administered free of cost.

Thousands of patients queue up for this treatment, including chronic patients, old patients, men, women and  children. It is already 160 years since this treatment started - a combination of home-made medicine and yes, you read right, LIVE fish! These are live sardines which are swallowed by patients.

Fish Medicine for Asthma

The Potent Formula

It is believed that disclosure about the medicine will result in the medicine losing its efficacy. This herbal medicine (yellow paste) is distributed by the Bathini Goud family after performing some rituals to patients who reach Hyderabad from far and near for this treatment.

The medicine is given across special counters in the large exhibition ground. The medicine has to be taken for three consecutive years for permanent cure from respiratory ailments or asthma.

Well, what if you are a vegetarian?
Do not worry for you can take the medicine with unrefined sugar or jaggery.

History of this Herbal Medicine

Ancestor of the Goud family (great grandfather Bathini Veeranna Goud) learnt this medicine from a saint in the year 1845 and was advised to distribute it free of charge. He passed it on to Shiva Ram Goud who taught it to Shanker Goud. 

The popularity of this treatment increased manifolds during Shanker Goud's time who later passed it on to his five sons. The 'healing' family now comprises of Harinath Goud, Sri Vishwanath Goud, Uma Maheshwar Goud (earlier late Somalingam Goud and late Shivram Goud).

Many scientific and laboratory tests later, some claim that though the medicine is not harmful, it is not useful either! Around 50,000 fishes are supplied from the fisheries department during the 'event'. 

Fish treatment for One and All

How is the Treatment Administered

The treatment entails swallowing of a 2 inch live fish which is loaded with the herbal medicine. Known as Bathini fish medicine or also as Bathini Mrugasira fish, it is very slippery and swallowing it is not tough. 

A strict diet is also prescribed over the next 45 days. If taken for consecutive 3 years, asthma is cured, or so is the belief.

The 'medicine' is administered on 'Mrigishira Karthi Nakshatra', a day fixed by astrologers (during monsoon), generally on the first or second week of June. 

Three doses of medicines handed over to patients has to be taken on Arudra Karthi, Punnavasu Karthi and Pushymi Karti, with a gap of 15 days between each, making it complete 45 days of treatment at one time.

Popularity or Just a Gimmick

The Goud family believes that the medicine will lose its potency if commercialized. The treatment has got its share of popularity abroad too!

Rationalist organizations, court orders and controversies later, the medicine has been found to be safe for consumption without any trace of steroids or heavy metals. It should be noted here that this treatment is NOT given anywhere else except in Hyderabad at Exhibition grounds during Mrigasira Karthi day.

If people have belief in the treatment, even the court can't interfere, the medicine being safe. Paul Coelho has aptly remarked, ''None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith.''

Contact Address:

Bathini Fish Prasadam-Address: Netaji Nagar, Katedhan, Telangana 500052

Bathini Harinath Goud- Address: 1-4-27/72/3 opp. Lane Sai Bar &Wines, Padmashali Colony, Kavadiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500080

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