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Golconda Fort

Monuments of HyderabadResting in the western side of the bustling city of Hyderabad, the  magnificent Golkonda Fort is situated approximately 11 km away from the city centre.

The name Golconda comes from a Telugu word ‘Golla Konda’ which implies shepherd’s hill. 

Golconda fort stands tall as a perfect model of a defensive structure consisting of walls and mounds, which strengthen it to a distinguished degree.

History of Golconda Fort

The Golconda Fort primitively belonged to the Kakatiyas of Warangal (a mighty dynasty that dominated most of the Telugu speaking domains extended by present day state of Andhra Pradesh from 1083 to 1323 CE). 

The sculptures and stucco works consisting of lotus, gryphons and peacocks at the entranceway of the Bala  Hisar pavilion gets along as a substantiation of Kakatiya's connection with the  fort.

Following the subsequent reigns of Bahmani Sultanate, the Golconda Fort became the home base of the Qutb Shahi kingdom during AD1518. The following history concerning to the fortress is reckoned as most determinative since the fort was expanded and considerably bastioned.

Architecture of Golconda Fort

Hyderabad MonumentsGolconda fort is looked at as one of the most prominent fort complexes across the country was stationed on a 400 feet hill, and it sports three courses of monumental walls of 12 m height. 

The out-most wall was equipped with a tough fosse encompassing a large area around the town with a perimeter of 7 km. 

Furthermore, it features eight distinguished entrance-ways and is braced with 87  citadels standing to an altitude of 15 to 18 meters.

The fort has a smartly developed water system as the water brought up by water wheels was kept aside for future use in tanks at different floors.

The collected water was  swimmingly passed on to assorted mahals, other flats, roof gardens and founts in  the bastion by stone aqueducts (conduit that resembles a bridgework but channels  water over a valley) and channels of pipings.

Golconda Fort Acoustic System - Engineering Marvel!

A Singular signaling (acoustic system) device was installed and integrated within the structure of Golconda Fort. The assorted buildings are so located as to function through the medium for transmission of sound to different far-off locations. 

This is considered as an engineering marvel that a clap sound generated at one point can be well heard at the other far-off point in no time though it may not be audible to a much closer point!

It is conceived that this sound signalling design was intentionally planned to carry information to the sentries put up on top of darbar hall concerning the important and influential people who pay a visit to the fort and also as a warning setup in case of emergencies.

Some of the other structures found inside the Golconda Fort include Ambar khana, Camel stable, Durbar hall, Habshi Kamans, Ashlah Khana, Mortuary bath, Nagina  bagh, Private Chambers, Ramasasa's kotha, Taramati mosque and many other  sensational structures.

Golconda Fort - Quick Facts:

Timings: 9am–5:30pm
Indians: Rs. 25/- Per Person for Swipe Card Rs. 20/-
Indians Childrens: Free below 15 years
Foreign Tourists : Rs. 200/- Per Person
Still Camera: Rs. 25/-
Sound & Light Show:
Executive Class Adult Rs. 140 /-
Executive Class Child Rs. 110 /-
Regular Class Adult Rs. 80 /-
Regular Class Child Rs. 60 /-

Sound & Light Show (Organised by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation):


1st Show English (All Days) 2nd Show in Telugu on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, and Hindi on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. Show Timings: (Nov to Feb) 1st Show 6:30pm 2nd Show 7.45pm (Mar to Oct) 1st Show 7:00pm 2nd Show 8.15pm.

Entry Fee:

Location: Khair Complex, Ibrahim Bagh, Hyderabad, Telangana 500008, 040 2351 2401

Highlights: Bala Hissar (highest point of the fort), Rahban cannon, factories, water system, fascinating acoustic system, Royal apartments and so on.

How to reach Golconda Fort:
APSRTC buses are available at frequent intervals. Furthermore, one can reach Golconda Fort from Charminar, and it is best to choose the Gandipet direction road.

Apart from the government transportations, autos, share autos, taxi cabs are available from all points within the city of Hyderabad.

Nearby Places of Interest:
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  • Konaseema (9 km from Golconda Fort)
  • Puri Jagannath Temple (6.7 km from Golconda Fort)
  • ISKCON Temple (10.1 km from Golconda Fort)
  • Hussain Sagar Boating Point (10.7 km from Golconda Fort)
  • Birla Mandir (10.6 km from Golconda Fort)
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