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King Kothi Palace in Hyderabad

For those who love to revisit royalty, there is the King Kothi Palace in Hyderabad. It is also referred to as Nazri Bagh Palace. 

This is the palace where the seventh Nizam, Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII of Hyderabad state resided. The Nizams were wealthy and had rubies, diamonds and pearls stored in steel trunks sealed with padlocks.

King Koti Road, Old MLA Quarters, Hyderguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500001

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History of King Kothi Palace

The King Kothi Palace was built by Kamal Khan, a nobleman and later sold to the Nizam who liked the palace very much. The Nizam shifted to this palace when he was just 13 years of age.

 However, when he acceded to the throne in 1911, he continued to stay in King Kothi Palace instead of shifting to Chowmahalla Palace where his father lived.

Being the residence of the Nizam, sign 'KK' is engraved on the main gate of the palace, corridors, doors and windows. Later, when the palace became royal residence after he purchased it, the letters 'KK' were changed to 'King Kothi'. King Kothi refers to Kings mansion.

Architecture of King Kothi Palace

There are three main buildings in the palace. They are grouped into two sections. The library is very large and was frequently used by the last Nizam. In the Eastern half, is a government hospital. This section was used by Nizam for ceremonial/official purposes.
Nazri Bagh is located on the western half. It is also known as Mubarak Mansion and belongs to Nizam's private estate.The main entrance to Nazri Bagh is called Purdah gate. It is called so because in olden days, it always had a curtain draped across it. When the Nizam left the palace, the purdah was lifted to suggest that the King oud gone out of the palace. Maisaram regiment, police and Sarf-e-Khas army guarded the gate.

Usman mansion was demolished in early 1980s and a hospital was built by the government in its place. The last ruling Nizam lived here and died here on 24th February, 1967.

There is a Judi mosque in the palace. Nizam VII was buried here. The Ghadial gate has a clock on it. It stands towards the east of Mubarak mansion. The palace spreads across 2 acres.

King Kothi

Present Status of King Kothi Palace

When Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar visited King Kothi Palace some months back, people believed that the government was contemplating purchasing the private palace and use it for its offices and museum. 

Princess Esra, owner of the property along with Chowmahalla palace, has decided to sell the palace to prospective buyers. The princess also intended the renaming of Kasu Brahmananda Reddy park after Prince Mukkaram Jah.

The main building today, houses a hospital while Mubarak mansion (Nazri bagh) accommodates offices of Nizam's private estates (Sarf-e-Khas). There is threat from encroachments to these properties.
  • Nearest Airport to King Kothi Palace: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad (17 kms.)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Secunderabad (4 kms.)

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